The Therapeutic Journey


I work primarily with adult individuals, but also have experience of working with children and adolescents, the elderly and couples.


I have extensive experience of working with

 Stress

 Anxiety including phobias and OCD

 Depression (including PND, bipolar disorder, reactive)

 Bereavement, loss and life adjustment i.e. redundancy, retirement

 Relationship issues (including gender, psychosexual)

 Self-image and identity

 Abuse

 Trauma (or PTSD)

 Anger

 Self-harm

 Ongoing or significant illness (of self or others)

 Habit management i.e. smoking, weight loss, nail-biting, enuresis, trichotillomania

Sometimes in life we can feel sad, anxious and confused. We may be experiencing loss, relationship difficulties or stress at work. We may be recalling painful memories or feel as if we have lost our 'identity', or the way forward in our emotional lives.


Psychotherapy and Counselling offer a 'safe space' in which to understand, via gentle exploration, how and why these feelings have emerged. With this understanding we can begin to make sense of our emotions and behaviours and form choices about new pathways we can take.


Clinical Hypnosis is a form of behavioural therapy that assists individuals with changing or modifying unwanted behaviours through accessing the unconscious mind via use of pleasant deep relaxation.


Sessions are strictly confidential unless I have concerns that your health, or that of another individual's may be at risk. I will discuss these concerns with you wherever possible but I am ethically bound by the guidelines as laid down by my professional bodies.


(extracts taken from feedback provided, with supervisee knowledge and consent)

“...I was in a really dark place. It took some months before I felt better and at times I felt like giving up. I’m glad I carried on; my life feels brighter and my whole family have felt the benefit. Thank you Amanda...”