I have been supervising therapists, both trainees and experienced practitioners since 2000. In addition to supervising colleagues in health care settings, I also have experience of supervision in educational settings, the voluntary sector and private practice.


I describe my supervision bias as humanistic and integrative, influenced significantly by Proctor (1986) and Carroll (1996), but I welcome supervisees with different therapeutic perspectives from my own.


I am passionate about my work, committed, energetic and enthusiastic but I genuinely care about my clients and supervisees and try always to work with warmth, intuition and sensitivity.


I also consider humour and common sense of vital importance in supervision. It can feel like a scary place, but with openness and honesty nurtured in the right way, it can be an exciting place to learn, develop and grow as therapists.


(extracts taken from feedback provided, with supervisee knowledge and consent)

'...I have learnt so much about 'real life therapy' with Amanda. She has made the stuff we learnt in college come alive in supervision. She has such an energy and enthusiasm for her work and an uncanny way of reading between the lines...'

'...Amanda is great! She is an intelligent, intuitive and supportive supervisor... and we can have a laugh together whilst we learn from each other...'

'...I have been working with Amanda for over 7 years. I feel I can discuss any client issues with her. She is always approachable and open and never makes me feel silly or embarrassed to 'get it wrong'...'